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A Beka offers fully accredited video and parent-directed curriculum enrollment. A Beka is Bible-based and Bible teaching is found thoughout their curriculum.


Abeka Phonics is a Christian-based phonics curriculum for K4-2nd grade.  It starts by teaching the sounds of the letters and progresses to learning phonics rules.  Readers are included with the program.  Read more about it at the Abeka website.

Abeka Spelling

  • Grades 1-3: Spelling is combined with poetry.
  • Grades 4-10: Spelling is combined with vocabulary and poetry.
  • Grade 11:  Spelling is combined with vocabulary
  • See Abeka spelling choices here.

Abeka Literature is a Christian-based literature program for grades 7-12.  Read more about it at the Abeka website.

Abeka Math is a Christian-based curriculum designed for grades K-12.  This traditional curriculum teaches in a spiral method.  Read more about it at Abeka.com.

A Beka Science is a traditional Christian science curriculum.   A Beka is a complete science curriculum including high school.  High school covers physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics.  Tests, quizzes, and answer keys can be purchased.

Abeka History and Geography is a history curriculum taught from a Christian perspective.  US History is taught from a conservative patriotic perspective.  Read more about it on the Abeka website.

Stacy Burnett

Comment: Abeka Science Grades 4 - 9

We have used Abeka Science for 5 years. It really captures my daughter's attention. She actually begs me to get them for her every year. The pictures are bright, the text is easy to follow and understand. We are done with it way before the school year is done.



Comment: We have used Abeka K-4th Language Arts, Science and History. I have enjoyed them all. I especially love the Language arts and it has given all my kids a great start. The Abeka curriculum is more like a traditional school textbook but I pick and choose what I do and make it fit my kids interests and needs.




Rachael Merritt

Comment: I used this exclusively through the sixth grade, and my daughter excelled and loved it. The memorization for math is vital, the tips and creative writing encouraged my daughter to write her own stories. History is made interesting. Science was a struggle, but it isn’t a favorite subject. If I had it to do over again I’d use a different book for spelling. Over all, I’m very pleased with this product. We still do A ABeka for language and some Science and History after sixth grade. I don’t care for their math passed sixth grade. It has too much busywork. The lesson plans are laid out so well for this curriculum, and it’s a favorite in this home.


Christina Rozendaal

Comment: I liked the Grade 1 math as it was colorful and my child loved the pictures. I used manipulatives with it to put some hands on into it. My child is easily bored and this was difficult enough to keep him interested.




Darcy Griffin

Comment: This works good for kids who love math and catch on quickly in math. It is advanced compared to other math books for the same grade.


Brittany Gingerich


Cheryl Powell

Comment: We used Abeka with my oldest. We used components of K4, K5 and almost all of 1st, and 2nd grade math. She was a natural reader and we really enjoyed the phonics. She loved learning to write fancy (cursive). But the spelling in 1st grade was too much too soon. And the history and science books were the same info over and over. I do keep the Health, Safety, and Manners book- I have not found a similar product for young ages.



Comment: A Beka's 3rd grade history was wondering. Students read stories of famous American through time. Stories were engaging and illustrations were interesting. 4th grade jumped by leaps and bounds. The font was smaller and the text became more about facts than the overall flow of the story of our history. If you are looking for a Christ-centered textbook, then this is a great choice, but if you looking for a more interesting read that draws you in, this might not be a good fit.


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