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All About Spelling is a seven-level program that teaches encoding skills, reliable spelling rules, and multisensory strategies to help your student become a proficient speller for life. Based on the latest research, this award-winning program provides complete and comprehensive “no gaps” instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach. Regardless of age or learning style, your child will find their hands-on multisensory techniques and mastery-based lessons completely compatible with his or her natural way of learning.  Visit to learn more!


Comment: This has been such a great addition to our school day! My boys needed extra practice with spelling and AAS has been just what the doctor ordered!


Pam Havens

Comment: I cannot say enough about this curriculum. My son, who is not a natural speller & I the parent am a natural speller, has helped ease my mind that one day he will spell just as effectively as myself. He is currently working at completing level 4, at age 8yr and will probably be finished with level 5 by the end of 3rd grade. He is gaining confidence at looking at the word, slowing down to analyze it, listen for sounds and processing which rules apply. I feel so comfortable knowing I am able to help him decode each spelling error and give him tools to work with, as oppose to just spelling the word for him & he learns nothing. I am so very thankful we found this spelling curriculum when we did, at the beginning of 2nd grade, so we are able to apply immediately all the spelling rules to often times problematic spelling words. My only concern is completely the levels too fast and knowing whether my son has really mastered the curriculum, I guess only time will tell.



Comment: What a relief it was to find this program. My son was deathly afraid of spelling after trying a couple of other programs and just struggling through every minute with nothing to show for it when he was through; the tears and stress were enough to throw out what we were using, take a break to research other approaches and thankfully find AAS. The lessons are focused, short and to the point-all things that work well for him! Most importantly, it is not a sight word memorization, or repetitive writing intensive program. He is learning not only how to spell, but why we spell words a particular way. The key cards are fantastic and he loves to review them often because he can see a difference his confidence soars with each one mastered! The website is full of helpful information and the email/phone support is incredible too!



Comment: We love All About Spelling and All About Reading. Both programs are awesome! I can't recommend them highly enough!



Comment: Love this program! Dealing with a speech issue and a child who is still working on sounds was really affecting her spelling. Through LOTS of copywork, she could pass spelling tests. But it was just memorizing strings of letters and once the test is over she lost it. To see her spelling click now .... she'll stop and actually get chips out to segment a word and then go back to it. It's awesome!



Comment: This curriculum helped my severely dyslexic child begin to learn to read and spell. I'm so impressed and grateful.


Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Comment: It is a great program, but it wasn't the best fit for my son's learning style. I think he will do better with a spelling program based on patterns rather than rules.

It is a step by step program that tells you exactly what to do and say.
My son didn't like the multi sensory component - the tiles. He grew quite bored with the program.


S. Makan

Comment: I really like this program, but I'm pretty biased on this one as I have never tried another spelling program before. It's working for my son, but he does tend to get a little bothered with the repetitiveness of the rules and word cards. But a little creativity goes a long way, as we use scrabble tiles (as suggested by Marie Rippel) to "play" spelling. It takes time but my son enjoys it and I don't mind. We have used AAS 1.


Jd Grass

Comment: This curriculum is a breath of fresh air after struggling with our old spelling curriculum. I really love that it doesn't require any writing if your child has difficulties or just hates writing!



Comment: I love All About Spelling. It's not just a list of spelling words, but a way to learn the rules of spelling. And it's so easy to use. This is one curriculum that I can just open up, skim quickly to review, and start--there is virtually no prep.


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