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Apologia Science is a Christian based science curriculum.  For Kindergarten through 6th grade it covers Astronomy, Botany, Zoology 1, Zoology 2, Zoology 3, and Anatomy and Physiology.  For 7th and 8th grade they have a general science course and a physical science course.  In high school they offer Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Marine Biology.  They offer advanced classes in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for high school as well.


Comment: Favorite part about this curriculum is that the whole text is available in audio format. We can listen on roadtrips, etc...



Comment: I love this curriculum. It's very interactive and fun for the kids with the notebooking journals. Wonderful textbooks filled with great learning and beautiful pictures. We really enjoyed the marine animals one.


Cheryl Powell

Comment: We have used Astronomy twice, Botany, Flying Creatures and half of Chemistry & Physics. My oldest is also doing General Science right now. I love the concept and the books. I do not recommend the junior notebooks, a waste of money IMHO. For example, we just did Botany last fall and I used one regular notebook for both my 5th and 2nd graders. I removed all the pages and split them between them. My only other complaint is it can almost be too in depth sometimes.


Tandy B

Comment: If you want a elementary science curriculum that goes in-depth for each subject instead the typical one inch deep, one mile wide of most elementary science curriculums, this is the one for you. My kids have done all the elementary series except one and we love this curriculum. My kids learned so much about each subject and I believe this interesting curriculum furthered their love for science. Before I had kids, I was a public school high school science teacher and I am really picky about wanting a curriculum with some meat. This met all my requirements and more. Highly recommend !



Comment: We loved this! This was the first of the Apologia Elementary Series that we used. It was great fun and although the son who used it is older now, he still pulls it out to read every now and then. Good coverage of the subject, memorable projects and experiments. Creation/Christian viewpoint. http://www.winecupchristianacademy.blogspot.com



Comment: We just started doing Exploring Creation of the Fifth Day about Sea Creatures for my budding Marine Biologists. And we love them! With the help of the Junior journals younger learners are given activities to learn the lessons on their level. We can't wait for the next book next school year!


Ashley Lowry

Comment: We love Apologia at our house. My middle schooler loves how the text books are seemingly speaking to her. And the experiments are fairly simple yet they really drive in the lesson. We'll be using Apologia Science for many years to come!



Comment: Lots of in-depth study, and hands on activities. Text is very readable and engaging. Christian perspective is great without being overbearing.



Comment: My son (15) has been through Biology, Chemistry and Marine Biology. He said these were his favorite for science. The lab activities are really well thought out and allow the student to engage his own mind in understanding rather than rote memorization. Though there is some terminology that is good to keep it is not overwhelming. It is rather expensive but it is also a superior curriculum.


meridith hart

Comment: We have used the anatomy book and the zoology book. This year we are using physical science for eighth-grade. We enjoy this curriculum very much and would recommend it to anyone


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