Beast Academy 4.79/5 (4)


Beast Academy is a curriculum from the makers of the Art of Problem Solving curriculum.  The comic book style is engaging for kids and the challenging problems provide a rigorous coverage of mathematics for grades 2-5.  Find Beast Academy on Amazon.

Cathy Boswell

Comment: Works great for my gifted child. He has to work and think to finish lessons which is great. Lessons are fun and engaging. Text book is fun comic style. We will continue on to second book when ready.



Comment: We like that this curriculum is thorough and challenging enough to be interesting, and also not overly repetitive. At this level (grade 3) at least, it is mostly about thinking through the problems and learning problem solving. So far, the instruction provided is sufficient, especially with the recent inclusion of instructional videos for each lesson.


Lisa Gertz

Comment: This is a perfect series for younger (and even older!) kids who are gifted in math, or naturally inclined to it. Every math problem is slightly different than every other one (saving quick students from mindless repetition), and the tougher ones can be quite challenging. The comic book 'text' (called a 'guide' by the publisher) is engaging and fun, and even the practice problems are fun and creative. I bought these for my advanced 3rd grader, but his older siblings ask if they can do the books too! 2 cautions: 1) it's expensive -- if you buy a guide and practice book for every grade level that's 8 books per year. I've chosen to stop buying the guides, even though they're fun. 2) If you're not mathematically strong as a parent/teacher, you might be a bit frustrated trying to help your student, as there are not thorough explanations for all the solutions.
For my own child and situation, though, I've been completely pleased and especially thrilled with the depth to which these books go.


Jill Giesbrecht

Comment: If you want to promote a growth mindset in your kids, this curriculum is great! Lots of tricky problems to struggle with, but lots of fun monsters too. Topics are dug into deeply, and played with while the kids practice. Not much drill, but repeated use of facts (such as multiplication) help with cementing facts. We have added simple drill from Rod and Staff to sharpen those skills without letting the drill bog down the mathematical thinking. Not every kid would need this addition. Don't expect to hand this to your child and walk away. For us, it works to read the guidebook together, then my child does pages in the practice book. After they have done all they can on the assigned pages, I correct errors and help them work towards finding the next step to solve what they haven't figured out. They work more, I check, and send back for any more corrections that need to be done. Some days this takes very little time, and some days it takes a number of tries. Lots of good problem solving.


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