Bob Books 4.49/5 (10)


Bob Books are a series of books designed to guide your child from pre-reading to early reading skills.  Read more about the program at


Comment: Love Bob Books! I used them in Kindergarten for one year. Affordable, easy to use, Kids love them!


Melissa V

Comment: Worked beautifully! My 4&5 year old boys used them to learn to read. We did no other program and by the end of the year they were reading them with out a problem! Right now they are in 1st grade and are reading the directions to their workbooks and doing the work all on their own. LOVE Bob books!!!!

Used in Pre- kinder to kindergarten for 1 year. They are short and sweet! Great stories and cute pictures. Kids loved the humor.

1 con: Books are too small.





Comment: We used these very early on with my daughter and I would highly recommend them. She blew threw them at record speeds, but that is when I knew she was a high achiever. I think that if she had been an average child they would have been even more useful. We bought ours at a used bookstore, cause we are a low income family, and they are on the pricey side, or they were 8 years ago.



Comment: Bob books are great little progressive readers, often with humorous pictures and plot. The humor helps keep son interested, and he has done very well with these.



Comment: I used Bob Books for my younger two, one of them is dyslexic and it did not work for her, but the other is not and it did work for him. There isnt much phonics instruction so if this needs to be reinforced it may need to be supplemented but for good books for very early learning reading, these are great!



Comment: Used in PreK-K. It builds reading confidence.



Comment: The Bob books are great little readers. They are one of the first set of readers that we use with our kids.


Carrie Merriott

Comment: These books are a good supplement to a reading program. They have good phonics practice and are pretty simple. I would get them at the library instead of buying them if I could do it over as they are not books my girls want to read over and over.


Darcy Griffin

Comment: We got these from the library (so they were very affordable). I thought they were good, but my son who is picky about books didn't care for them much.


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