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Bob Jones University offers a distance learning program as well as a textbook and workbook program for homeschoolers.  They offer Bible, History, English, Spelling, Math, Music, Science, Art, Spanish, Drama, and more.  Go to to read more and see samples.

Bob Jones Reading is a Christian-based reading curriculum for grades 1-6.  It covers phonics, comprehension, and reading.

Bob Jones Spelling is a Christian-based curriculum for grades 1-6.  This workbook curriculum has weekly spelling lists arranged by word patterns.

Bob Jones Literature is a Christian-based program designed for grades 7-12.  The anthologies contain different genre like poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and drama.  Students will learn literary concepts and how to analyze literature.  Learn more about it at

Bob Jones Vocabulary is a Christian-based workbook vocabulary curriculum for 7th-12th grades.  Each book takes a semester to complete.  It covers vocabulary by focusing on Latin and Greek roots,  Read more about it and see samples at

Bob Jones English is a Christian-based curriculum that covers grammar, mechanics, and composition.  It starts in 2nd grade and continues through high school.  Read more about it at Rainbow Resource Center.

Bob Jones math is available from Kindergarten through Algebra 2 and Consumer Math:

  • The Bob Jones Kindergarten Math comes with a brightly colored workbook, a teacher’s manual, and a manipulatives packet.  Kindergarten math has a farm theme.
  • The kit for Bob Jones Math for grade 1 comes with a teacher’s guide, tests, test answer key, student workbook, review book, and student manipulatives.
  • Bob Jones Math 2 Kit comes with a teacher’s guide with a CD-ROM, a student workbook, a student review book, a manipulatives packet, tests, and test answer key.
  • Bob Jones Grade 3 math kit comes with a teacher’s edition with a CD-ROM, a student workbook, a manipulatives packet, a student review book, a test booklet, and a test answer key.
  • The Bob Jones Grade 4 Math kit comes with a teacher’s edition, a student workbook, a materials packet, a visual packet, a test book, and a test answer key.  It focuses on multiplication, division, place value, geometry, fractions, decimals, and measurements.
  • Bob Jones Grade 5 Math kit comes with a teacher’s edition, a student textbook, a teacher packet, a student materials packet, and tests and answer keys.  Bob Jones Math is a Christian-based curriculum that covers multiplication, division, and fractions.
  • Bob Jones Grade 6 Math focuses on a further understanding of multiplication, division, and fractions.  The kit comes with a teacher’s edition, a student textbook, a teacher packet, a student materials packet, tests, and answer keys.
  • Bob Jones Grade 7 Math kit comes with a student textbook, a teacher’s guide, a student activity book, an answer key, tests, and a test answer key.  It covers whole numbers, decimals, number theory, fractions, rational numbers, percents, measurement, geometry, area/volume, probability/statistics, integers, algebra, relations/functions, and logic/set theory.
  • The pre-algebra curriculum reviews and builds-on mathematical skills and goes deeper into integers, negative numbers, and algebraic expressions.  Consumer-related problems are also included.
  • The Algebra 1 program for grade 9 goes over a biblical reason for the study of math as well as basic algebra skills presented in a logical order.  The emphasis is on practical methods to solve problems.
  • Algebra 2 has an emphasis on thinking and reasoning skills.  It also looks at quadratic equations, polynomials, complex numbers, trigonometry, operations, linear equations, linear reactions, polynomial functions, radicals, complex numbers, inverse functions, as well as  probability and statistics.
  • Consumer math designed for grade 12 covers how credit card charges are figured, taxes, interest on loans and savings, personal banking, cost of living expenses, and filling out income tax forms.  The primary focus is being a good steward.

Bob Jones Science is a young earth creation-based curriculum for grades 1-12.  Experiments and labs are part of the curriculum.  Read more about the curriculum at

Bob Jones History is taught from a Biblical worldview.  Heritage Studies are available for grades 1-6.  Heritage studies are a combination of civics, geography, and history.  In 7th grade the curriculum focuses on world history from creation to Christ.  In 8th grade American history is taught.  The high school courses are cultural geography, world history, American government, and economics.


Comment: We use BJ for English and Spelling. The curriculum is thorough and easy to use (I don't even need the teacher's manual). The spelling lessons include dictionary and library skill lessons each week. And the English book covers poetry and basic literature concepts. I don't even feel like I need a comprehensive reading program since these language art books cover so many areas!



Comment: I love Bob Jones. I just wish it was more affordable.
My kids loved the characters in their Phonics and English and Math curriculums. We still sing the songs on the CD's often.


Nelia Johnson

Comment: I have used Bob Jones curriculum with my kids starting in kindergarten-5th grade. I was homeschooled & used Bob Jones as a student too. I like the Christian perspective throughout the subjects. Their history is really good. My kids have enjoyed the math & English through 4th grade. I find the complete curriculum kind of pricey, but try to keep cost down by purchasing used whenever I can.


Christina Rozendaal

Comment: I have been using this curriculum for grade 4 and 5 and both my children enjoy it. It is comprehensive, and requires kids to think more than some with the word problems that are in many cases true to life. My children have also enjoyed the little story that runs through the math program. I find it works well with different types of learners.



Comment: I love Bob Jones curriculum. Colorful, fun, and very good coverage of subject learning. Worked great for my child but just so expensive for us. We are on a tight budget and just can't afford this curriculum. But it is SO GOOD!!! I wish we could afford it.



Comment: My high schoolers use bju DVDs for math, science, history and Spanish. I like it for independence. It’s not a cheap program. English isn’t a good subject. I tried it once and my 2 boys didn’t learn at all that year in English


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