Christian Kids Explore 2.86/5 (2)


Christian Kids Explore is written from a young earth creationist perspective.  Designed for children in grades 3-6, the lessons consists of reading and hands-on activities.  Read more about it on the Big Idea’s Press website.


Comment: We did the Chemistry book. It was a straight-forward text with all the necessary information, pretty easy to understand for an elementary aged kid. It was a good introduction to Chemistry for this age group. There are some simple hands-on projects for each lesson, and each lesson is short and simple. However, it wasn't an "exciting read". The writing is basic textbook style, with new terminology bolded and with definitions. I like that it covers more than just structure of atoms and chemical reactions. It gets into some more complex ideas like acids and bases and organic chemistry. Very inexpensive and very easy to use, but just not very "exciting".



Comment: We used the Earth and Space book. When we first got the book I was very disappointed in the lack of actual text, the pages had very wide margins and very short teaching sections. The text was dry and boring and the activities were very simplistic. After just a few months of usage I gave up and gave the book away. If you choose to use this series of books be prepared to supplement heavily.


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