Christian Light Education 4.99/5 (15)


Christian Light Education is a textbook and workbook curriculum that is wholesome and Bible-based.  It covers Reading, Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.   Click to see a selection of Christian Light Education books.

Christian Light Education Math curriculum is a Christian-based program that comes in a series of workbooks or LightUnits for grades 1-12.

Christian Light Education Reading is a Christian-based reading curriculum that starts with learning to read and extends to 8th grade.

CLE Language Arts is a Christian-based language arts curriculum that is available in a series of workbooks for grades 1-8.   The curriculum covers grammar, writing, and spelling.  Read more about it and see samples at the CLE website.


Comment: CLE is a great program. So very easy to use



Comment: I love CLE!! This curriculum is very thorough and easy on your pockets. Nothing better in this form out there!



Comment: CLE is very comprehensive. We especially enjoy the math and language arts. The learn to read program is very good and my children caught on quickly. The electives offered at the high school level are wonderful for life skills.


Darcy Griffin

Comment: We love this series of books. We use them as unit studies. My kids love to learn through reading and retain things better that way.



Comment: I discovered these books when I was just starting out my homeschool journey. I needed a "reader" for my first grader. I am so glad I took a chance on it. I have used the first,second, third and fourth grade books with all of my kids. Great stories and morals in all of them.



Comment: CLE covers Bible, Reading/Literature, Language Arts/English, Math, Science, and Social Studies for grades 1-12. It does not stop at 8th grade as the above description makes it appear.

It is thorough but gentle. The students don't even realize how advanced they're getting.



Comment: We use CLE for our math until 8th grade. I love the spiral approach, the constant review and the workbook format. The explanations make it easy for the children to understand.



Comment: We started with CLE Math for Gr 1 and have continued for Gr 2. Repetition of materials provides a solid base for fact,s etc. Each Light Unit is based on a different theme e.g spring, visit to a zoo, which is used in the story problems and the intro to each LU. The course is easy to adjust if our son needs more/less work on a concept. Excellent material!



Comment: CLE is my favourite curricula. We use it for Math, LA and Bible mainly and sometimes the Reading. All of it is excellent. I like that it's very independent, written to the student, easy to teach, and has a lot of review. The workbook format makes it very portable for homeschooling on the go or for kids to take their workbooks to another quiet spot in the house.


Linda Reddoch

Comment: Excellent curriculum.
I am currently using it with my 3rd grader, and will be using with my 1st grader this fall.
It's thorough and not "dumbed down".
It's challenging for the student, but not overwhelming.
I can NOT recommend Christian Light Education highly enough.



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