Considering God’s Creation 4.89/5 (4)


Considering God’s Creation is a Christian science curriculum that approaches learning in the style of Charlotte Mason.  This curriculum can be adapted for children in 2nd through 7th grade.  Read more about it on their website.

Darcy Griffin

Comment: We loved this and especially loved that it covered more than one grade. It was interactive and kids love more hands on learning.



Comment: We still listen to the CD! What a FUN curriculum! I guess what I as the mother liked best was it all was in one book. Every activity! And it is packed with them. My children have remembered more due to those sweet songs we appreciate!



Comment: For a Christian, Creation Science is a must. I like this curriculum for that reason, its thoroughness, as well as the many activities that make learning fun. There are many activity sheets to go with each lesson. I have use these also as a "nature" corner for church-related education.
This curriculum can be adjusted to target a wide range of students-grade 2-8 primerally, but if you were creative you could also simplify for a younger one, or have an older one branch off into his/her own study. Also an older one could teach it to the younger ones to strengthen his/her own understanding. Once you can teach something it solidifies more in your own mind.


Mom Gregory

Comment: We loved this and I recommend it to friends. Variety of topics is good, fun activities, and the music is catchy. Our other multisensory favorites are ShillerMath and the Struggling Reader. They also cover more than 1 grade and allow older students to mentor younger.


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