Easy Grammar 4.76/5 (3)


Easy Grammar is a workbook based curriculum for grades 2-12.  It teaches grammar using a step by step method while providing plenty of practice.  Students are instructed to identify prepositions first.  Read more about the curriculum and see samples at ChristianBook.com.

Lisa Gertz

Comment: I used the Grade 6 book with my two middle-schoolers and was very pleased with how well they learned the basics of prepositional phrases, direct and indirect objects, compound verbs and subjects, and much more. I was intrigued that the key philosophy in this text is to teach prepositions thoroughly first, enabling students to identify prepositional phrases quickly. This makes it easier and clearer to spot the subject and verb, and any additional parts.




Diane Fagan

Comment: My son is in high school and the Easy Grammar has been a great curriculum for him. It keeps the concepts and rules in the forefront of his mind and he is getting faster at catching grammatical mistakes. It is very affordable, too.


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