Elemental Science 4.93/5 (2)


Elemental Science can be used from PK-8th grade.  While religiously neutral, the curriculum does utilize secular science books.  It is designed to work well with classical education.  Elemental Science also has a living books series called Sassafrass Science Adventures for grades K-6.  Read more about Elemental Science on their website.

Katie Swank

Comment: Was searching for a great secular science course. Found it! I've used the Sassafras Book 1, Zoology, and the elementary biology curriculum. There's options for lapbooking or notebooking, plenty of projects, and loads of information. Will move onto another of their courses next year.



Comment: We used the Sassafras zoology and it was a lot of reading and writing for my second grader but when given the chance to change, I was told "NO" very quickly because she LOVED the adventure story. It is funny and they have great supplementals. Contacted customer service twice for questions before buying and got answers within a day INCLUDING them uploading an entire portion of the next book that I had a question about.


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