God’s Design for Science 4.95/5 (3)


God’s Design for Science is a young earth creationist curriculum from Answers in Genesis.  The books can be used with children at different grade levels.  Overall, the curriculum can be used for grades 1-8.  Read more about it ChristianBook.com.

Cheryl Powell

Comment: We are using the World of Animals right now and it is awesome!! I have heard some of the books (Properties of Ecosystems specifically) are dry but this has been very interesting. My children are 5th and 2nd grade.



Comment: My children did all of these books I think there were 12-15 total. They still have retained most of what they learned years later. We did these from 4th-7th grade. We used them as evening readers and did the experiments as a fun project on Fridays. Often we would do 2-3 each Friday after having read them earlier in the week. The comprehension level of this material is substantially different than others. It meet a child without "dumbing them down".


Kara Henson-Oliver

Comment: We are about half way through using this for our 3rd grader and we've been very pleased with it. The reading is just right at his level and just the right amount to digest in one lesson session. It is nice the way subjects are broken out into books so you can mix and match and piece them together as you like. Pictures and visuals in the texts are very good. Easy format for review and testing, where you print them off the included CDs. It is not as indepth as I have found in some other similar level curriculums, so I supplemented with some others where we had greater interest. Very pleased with the Biblical emphasis and accuracy.


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