Hands of a Child 4.62/5 (3)


Hands of a Child offers a wide selection of lapbook studies on subjects like science, history, language arts, math, and geography.  There are studies available for little ones and older children.  Read more about it and download titles at Currclick.


Comment: Oh for another study like "ping" My children had so much fun with it years later we are still looking at the lap book with fond memories. We have used so many: all of the Narnia, Composers, Indians, Frogs, State studies, Indian in the Cupboard, Bears, the Mitten etc. etc. We purchased a membership a long time ago. It has always been worth it!


Cheryl Powell

Comment: loved the notebooking and lapbooks. not as exciting as Amanda Bennett's Down Load N Go programs with links and videos. most of the ones I have are paper, digital is easier to use.



Comment: After trying different history programs, this one worked very for my daughter, both the notebooking/project option and the lapbooking. We have done the 17th and 18th century combo pack (lapbook and projects) and are now on the 19th century project pack. Everything is well laid out and easy to use. Guides are included. It's not overwhelming at all, but a nice overview. Very engaging to perk the interests of even the most reluctant learner.


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