K12 2.95/5 (3)


K12 curriculum features online lessons and hands-on materials for your K-12th grader.  K12 curriculum covers subject areas of language arts, math, science, history, foreign language, art, and music.


Comment: It could be a great education for any child. Very comprehensive program, follows commom core. I just feel like it takes up so much time in the day and I have to sit there with my 4th grader and go along with him.I do not feel it is independent sometimes so if you have more than one child enrolled I could see it taking up alot of time especially in the younger years. I also feel like it tests the kids alot, but it is a mastery based program. They require state testing and work samples every month. You can get behind very quickly if you are not careful. Some pros are that you can make your own schedule with the time and the days and most of the reading we have done this year has been great. The math is good not really any complaints there, the lesson is usually presented online then they do problems from their activity book on a seperate sheet. The history is ok, I do like how the lessons are usually set up which is read a the lesson online and then basically notebooking it.



Comment: We started with this program in 3rd and 5th grade, I asked many thorough, clear questions before deciding to start K12 and I was pleased with the answers, BUT, it was not as I expected. I was told there would be testing to place my children appropriately, but all the material was immediately sent based on age, and "assigned" before testing. Getting evaluated to make a change in curriculum levels took months. Also there is a ton of diagnostic testing and preparation for diagnostic testing. I felt like my kids spent more time testing than learning. (Though, as mentioned, not testing for curriculum level). The representatives said there was a lot of room for flexibility with the program, but everything is relative; I hated having to check off all those little boxes on the computer to "prove" my child had completed the work. I felt overwhelmed by busy work. A K12 rep actually told me that the laundry will get behind & most families eat a lot of fast food for the first year when they start K12 .



Comment: Take this with a grain of salt, but when we FIRST started looking into homeschooling, we contacted this group to give us information. Instead, they ended up signing us up! All of a sudden I started getting huge boxes of stuff. I had to stop the deliveries and tell them to STOP! I never signed up for anything, all I did was give them contact information and asked them if they could explain the concept and how the system worked. I thought they would send me a brochure 🙁 I was NOT happy that they took my information and used it without my consent. I didn't like that this required you to be school at home. My daughter and I chose to pull her because she was working WELL beyond her grade, she had already been accelerated through 2nd and they refused to put her into 5th when she blew through 3rd grade. She is now half way through '4th' grade at home, but working on 5th and 6th grade materials in most things. So this would just be like school, but at home. They expect you to work 6-8 hr/day worth.


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