Math Mammoth 4.79/5 (12)


Math Mammoth is a secular mastery-based math curriculum for children from 1st to 8th grade.  The worktexts are inexpensive and can be downloaded and printed.  Find Math Mammoth on Amazon.


Comment: This is a great math curriculum, everything is printable, you can reprint as many times as needed to enforce skills. Its super affordable, not too boring, and covers everything needed.


Cecile Olive

Comment: Math Mammoth has been such a game changer for us! We love it and it is such a solid math foundation!

Here are a few hacks about Math Mammoth:
Maria Miller posts video lessons on youtube that are available for free! They are listed by grade on their website. Many times I just let Maria teach my kids then they can do their math lessons all by themselves

If you don't like printing, like myself, you can just buy the curriculum all printed.

There are a lot of practice and repetition in one lesson, you do not need to do them all! Unless your child needs it, in which case I advice you break the lesson up. Most complaints for this curriculum is that it gets monotonous, but there's an easy fix for that.
Because of its mastery approach, MM is easily costumizable for each student


Mary R.

Comment: We have used grades 1-4 of this math program so far and we're big fans. I am pleased with how well my children have learned to do mental math, to "play" with numbers, and to recognize patterns as they have progressed through the curriculum. They enjoy the "puzzle corners" and word problems, which in my opinion are more interesting and challenging than those I've seen elsewhere.


Janice Duthie

Comment: My daughter likes Math Mammoth, I love it. My daughter is in 1st grade, she does a page a day. Each topic lasts about a month, which makes it great for committing to long term memory . It's very comprehensive and well organised, and can be re-printed as desired.



Comment: My 8 year old loves Math Mammoth. It has just enough repetition, great price and super easy to use. We will definitely be buying and using this again next school year!


Lyn S

Comment: I love everything about Math Mammoth!! We had tried a couple of other math programs that did not work for us. My son and daughter have different styles of learning so I wasn't sure if one math program would work for them. I was attracted to MM by the free assessment tests and worksheets. I really appreciated the chance to try before you buy. I downloaded the worksheets, had my children take the assessments, and we tried them out. The difference was night and day. Before MM, my children dreaded Math time, but with MM they really enjoyed their math time. I bought one year to make sure it suited us. 3 years later and we are all still fans of MM. My children love math and really understand the concepts. Maria is awesome and personally answers her emails, when you have questions.


Katie Swank

Comment: LOVE Math Mammoth! Very affordable, can print copies as needed! Worktexts are easy to understand and provide a number of different approaches to solving problems. It provides loads of additional internet resources for additional practice, and its cumulative reviews at each chapter's end help reinforce previous skills. This has been wonderful for my struggling daughter.


Stacie Farias

Comment: Math Mammoth has saved my bacon! My oldest was struggling with simple math concepts. It took 2 months of searching when I found Math Mammoth. What is probably the best feature is the Blue Series work texts. For about $4 you can buy a single subject text (ex. Addition 1) and see if it's a good fit for your child. If it doesn't work out, you've only lost $4. Who can beat that?!?


Carrie Merriott

Comment: I did two years of Math Mammoth with my daughter (grades 1 and 2). There was a lot of practice for each concept--almost too much for the child who is bright in math. We are doing Singapore this year, and it is a lot less practice and not as many topics are covered in my opinion. I love the price of Math Mammoth. My main problem has been the answer keys. I have had multiple lessons where the keys were wrong. It's not like early math is hard to grade, but it would be nice to have a correct key to grade from. Otherwise, it is a good program for the price.


Sarah Marie

Comment: I WANT to rate this high because it seems so good and I love the price. Every time I bring this out the kids groan and they don't groan for school. We much prefer MUS and Singapore. I think that the practice problems somehow feel tedious... there are a lot more squeezed on a page than it first looks like. Part of my goal is to instill a love of learning, so even if this would have worked to teach concepts, it did not work to help my kids love math.


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