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Math U See helps your child master math facts as well as math concepts. It comes with a DVD to help you know how to teach your children the lessons.

  • The Math U See Primer level is a fun introduction to math.
  • The Math U See Alpha level covers single digit addition and subtraction.
  • The Math U See Beta level covers multiple digit addition and subtraction.
  • The Math U See Gamma level covers single and multiple digit multiplication.
  • The Math U See Delta level covers single and multiple digit division.
  • The Math U See Epsilon level covers fractions.
  • The Math U See Zeta level covers decimals and percents.
  • The Math U See Pre-Algebra level covers negative numbers, solving for the unknown, and order of operations.
  • The Math U See Algebra 1 level covers solving for the unknown and graphing.
  • The Math U See Geometry level covers geometric figures, area, volume, and proofs.
  • The Math U See Algebra 2 level covers polynomials, quadratic formula, and graphing conic sections.
  • Math U See Pre-Calculus covers trigonometric ratios, graphing polar equations, logarithms, and limits.
  • Math U See Calculus covers derivatives, integrals, calculus applications, differential equations, and more.
  • Math U See Stewardship is a Christian approach to personal finance and consumer math.

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Comment: Love thus program there is no crying anymore in math


Dishawna Barnard

Comment: There are many reasons why we are glad we switched to math-u-see. The teacher does a lesson on DVD. It give a nice visual, as if you were in the classroom. It helps parents refresh or clarify themselves, so that can be of more assistance to the child. I like the tactile approach with the blocks, and I appreciate a curriculum realistic life examples.
When we started this curriculum, my students just started to "get it. "


Larra Hanzel

Comment: Hands-on-learning that makes the information stick! Lessons are so easy to present and open-and-go.


Jenny B.

Comment: I've homeschooled for over a decade and have used A LOT of math programs. I wish I would have started out with Math U See. Love it! I'll never switch again. I love the mastery approach where you don't move on until you know it. Or, conversely, if you know it you move on. No plodding through material you already know.



Comment: I love how hands on it is. Also like the way it teaches one concept at a time.



Comment: Math U See is a great program for children that are visual learners. My 5 year old son is in Alpha and he really enjoys the teacher Steve. There are some things that I think can be confusing. For instance, my son had already learned his numbers and Steve had them re-learn 10-19 as one-ty one or one-ty nine. But that seemed to confuse my son for awhile. The only problem we have with the manipulatives is that my son will space out and start using them as "guys" and start playing instead of doing his math problems. Steve does not want them to count on their fingers and he goes through multiple lessons on how to add. My son still counts on his fingers, despite that. My son is doing math above his age, and that's what counts. I don't know how superior Math U See is at a basic level. We have done Khan Academy online and CTC and my son enjoys those immensely (because you can earn avatars) and CTC which gives short video lessons and tests.


Andrea Anderson

Comment: We all give Math U See a hugh thumbs up! Out of seven kids all like it, pre-algebra was great, algebra is looking good too and definitely the kids learned quickly and enjoy the alpha and beta. it is easy to find time for these short, concise lessons. I learn a lot and so do they. Affordability is the only hang up for me, it's price is great for one purchase but when the company publishes the new/revised editions they no longer sell the last edition workbooks so it is necessary to buy the whole set again. with many kids this gets expensive, I know it's common with curriculums but it's not family or budget friendly.



Comment: We have used MUS Primer, Alpha, Beta, and now Gamma with our oldest son and absolutely love it. After trying a couple of other highly recommended programs for our Autistic daughter, we tried Primer and her skill and confidence is increasing rapidly. It is a very different approach than other programs we have looked at, but it is giving them a very solid foundation and understanding of not only how to do the operations, but also when to use them and how to apply them to real life scenarios!



Comment: Loved Alpha with my youngest child but half way through beta he got 'stuck' and he could not move on until mastered. We ended up changing maths. I will be using alpha again with my youngest this year, she is 4.5years old and find math-u-see fun!


Octavia Pique

Comment: My youngest really needed the visuals that Math U See gives, as well as the manipulatives. Did the trick! Used it until 3rd and switched to TT.


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