Mathematical Reasoning 4.28/5 (5)


Critical Thinking’s Mathematical Reasoning curriculum is workbook based math curriculum that focuses on the practical use of math.  It can be used as a core curriculum or a supplement.  The workbooks are brightly colored and contain varied activities.  Find Mathematical Reasoning Curriculum on Amazon.

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Comment: I am so happy that I found this curriculum. It has been a great fit for my kids. I love how it isn't page after page of similar activities. Even the pages with lots of math problems have a dot to dot connected to them so the child completes the dot to dot with correct answers to his math problems.

I have used the PK-2nd grade books and my son is starting on the 3rd grade book this week. I've used them a couple years now with two different boys.

Pros: Colorful pages. Interesting activities. Not a lot of problems on one page. Takes math and places it in meaningful contexts.

Cons: You may need to do flashcards with this curriculum for your child to solidify math facts.


Pam Havens

Comment: We have used Mathematical reasoning in between or when we have finished our other math curriculum. The way the books are designed is very appealing to my son and are well planned out with the answers in the back for easy reference. These books challenge my son, gives him enough repetition but changes it up so it does not feel like its drilling or overtaxing. We have been very pleased using this curriculum and have started our second child on the materials.


Kara Henson-Oliver

Comment: I have used this curriculum as a supplement for two of my children and found it a lovely change from standard curriculum to review lots of concepts. The design is simple yet thorough and takes just a finger, a pencil and one or two crayons and away you go. It offers a nice way for 'substitute' teachers to jump in and review math concepts with little ones too.


Nelia Johnson

Comment: My daughter started using this math in 5th grade & is still using in it 7th. She really likes the puzzles in the books & she doesn't feel like the amount of work per lesson is overwhelming. I like that I don't have to purchase a separate teachers book, although there have been a few lessons that I felt lost on & would have to get a refresher course for myself! Overall, I've been pleased with Mathematical Reasoning.



Comment: We use this as a supplement to our math curriculum because my student needed extra practice. The colors are fun and it covers a wide variety of math topics. I do think for a supplement it is a bit pricey but I am sure the full color workbook is not cheap to produce. I could not see this as a full curriculum as it jumps from topic with little instruction. It works well for what we use it for.


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