Michael Clay Thompson Language Arts 3.5/5 (2)


Michael Clay Thompson Language Arts is a secular language arts program that seeks to create a love for language.  It covers grammar, writing, vocabulary, poetry, and literature.  Parents can use the entire program or a portion of it.  Read more about it here.

Michael Clay Thompson Literature is available at elementary, middle, and high school levels.  It is a secular curriculum that utilizes unabridged works of literature.  There is discussion of grammar and the author’s writing style in the context of the literature.  Read more about it here.

Michael Clay Thompson’s vocabulary books extend from late elementary through high school.  They focus on studying Latin and Greek roots to improve vocabulary.  Read more about the books here.

Cathy Boswell

Comment: Works great for my 2 gifted boys. Instructor intensive but we still love it. It is wonderfully written and if you use the whole course it is beautifully layered.


Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Comment: It didn't work for us, but it is a great program. My son needed more explicit instruction for writing and grammar. He had a love of language and literature, but grew to hate this program. He was so happy to move to a workbook-based program with diagramming instead. The vocabulary for the Grammar Island level was pretty easy while the grammar was too difficult. Grammar Island and Sentence Island presented concepts in a story format. My son had difficulty when it came time to apply those concepts in Practice Island. The concepts in a story format didn't click with him. The poetry book was excellent. It taught concepts that are normally not taught at that level. There were a few errors in phonology I noticed when reading the book with my son, but they have updated the book since then. I do recommend the program, but it won't suit every learning style out there. I will continue to use other vocabulary books and poetry books by Michael Clay Thompson.


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