Mystery of History 4.43/5 (9)


Mystery of History is a Christian-based curriculum that tells the story of the Bible and the church in the context of world history.  It is designed for middle school, but it can be adapted for older or younger children.  Read more about it at the Bright Idea’s Press website.

Jennifer K

Comment: Used for K-8. Easy to use and prepare. Biblically based.


Jenny B.

Comment: I love this curriculum! The writing is engaging. You can tell the author has a passion for history. She is unabashedly Christian in her worldview and that comes through in almost every lesson. There is a lot you could do with the curriculum but we simply read the text (or listened to the audio) and added in extra books to read. We did not do projects or timeline but information to complete those are in the book.



Comment: Could not recommed more highly! Love this curriculum. Be aware that the Volume 1 are great for any age - from very young to high school (based on the supplemental assignments), while the later volumes are more appropriate for older students.



Comment: We have used Vol 1 & 2 and are working our through Vol 3. We starting using MOH for fifth grade, the lessons are set up three to week, with weekly timeline and mapping/geography and review activities included. Every lesson has several activities you can do to enhance the learning. There is a wonderful resource guide with loads of recommended extra reading and movies to go along with almost every lesson. The first volume has 36 weeks of lessons, I found this to be somewhat overwhelming, there was no wiggle room. The later volumes all have 28 weeks of lessons, this allows for you to go deeper or go slower if you choose with the lessons. This curriculum is written from a distinctly Christian prospective and emphasizes biblical and church history where appropriate. The author is also careful to provide some history coverage from beyond the usual European and Northern American history. This a fantastic history series and I highly recommend it.



Comment: After trying multiple history curriculum, including A Child's History of the World, The Story of the World, Sonlight, and others, I discovered Mystery of History in 2006. Finally a curriculum with purpose! I can't say enough about this wonderful program. The beauty of her lessons is she utilizes real history--not separating biblical history from "secular" history but weaving it together in a tapestry that shows God's hand in "His"-story. While it does take some time to master the weekly lessons and various activities, stick with it and don't be overwhelmed by options. Develop a system that works for your family. She has a plethora of activities suitable for 5-18 yrs. old. Done purposefully, you can get geography and language arts credits simultaneously. I am now in the final MOH book #4. We use it as our history program for middle schoolers in our weekly co-op; however, I utilized it with my now-graduated high schoolers solely in our home. It is a curriculum that works well alone or as a group.


Cheryl Powell

Comment: We have used Vol 1 twice now- first time as 2nd & K, second time as 5th, 3rd, and 1st graders. Excellent!!



Comment: One of our favorites



Comment: We used Mystery of History in 1st grade. I bought the folderbook supplement and the companion guide. To use the book and companion guide in .pdf form was a mistake. I will buy the hard copy books for next year. The companion guide is helpful, and I am glad I purchased it. The lapbooks are great too, my daughter retains more by doing them, and she enjoys working on them. I will use this again next year - just in hard copy.


Jen t


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