Christian Math Curriculum 7-12

I want my child to learn math independently.
Computer-based learning will work well for us.
Staying with a concept until it is mastered is the best way to learn math.
Math should be taught in a step by step manner.
The curriculum should be written directly to the student.
I want to use a curriculum similar to what would be used in a classroom.
Story-based instruction is an excellent way to learn math.
I believe it is important to focus on the why of math.
A traditional math curriculum with simple black and white pages is good.
An experienced instructor teaching my child through video lessons would work well.
Math concepts can effectively be taught through multimedia.
Manipulatives and videos enhance learning.
Quizzes and tests are important to include in a math curriculum.
A workbook-based curriculum is best.
I would prefer math curriculum to be topic-based so my child stays on a topic until it is mastered.
Math concepts are best taught using real world examples.
A traditional approach to math with regular quizzes and tests is important.
Drills and constant review are an important part of learning math.
A math curriculum should focus on the practical use of math.
Memorization should come before understanding.
A lecture-based format with the student working along with the teacher would work well in our homeschool.
Affordability is important when choosing a math curriculum.
A DVD program to teach the math is something that I prefer.
Having my child work through math independently is important.
I would like the option of using DVDs of a teacher who is teaching math concepts to a classroom.
Content should be mastered before continuing to a new concept.
I want a math curriculum that is easy to use.

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