Secular Math Curriculum 7-12

My child would learn best with a computer-based program.
My child would learn well with video lectures.
I would prefer a textbook that is used in standard classrooms.
Continually reviewing concepts is important.
A wide and deep approach to math is preferable.
Word problems are important and should be emphasized.
With proper instruction anyone can learn math.
DVD lessons would work well.
I prefer a curriculum that can be done independently.
I prefer a curriculum that is full of real-life applications and word problems.
Understanding the why of math is important in developing problem-solving skills.
Automatically graded lessons would be a big plus.
I want a curriculum that is well-suited for mathematical thinkers.
A math program should have built-in review to aid retention.
Math should be taught in a step-by-step manner.
I would like a math book that has plenty of engaging illustrations and humor.
Learning mental math is important in a math curriculum.
My child would be able to successfully work independently with video lessons.
Difficult problems help teach problem solving skills.
Multimedia enhances mathematical learning.
Memorization is important in the development of math skills.
A math curriculum should contain plenty of real life examples.
Learning the why of math is just as important as the how.
I would prefer a program that my child can do independently.

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