REAL Science Odyssey 4.29/5 (4)


R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey is a secular science curriculum designed for homeschoolers or small classrooms.  Different courses are available in the areas of life science, earth and space science, and chemistry.  Level one is appropriate for 1st-4th grade and level two is geared toward 5th-8th grade.  Read more about it on their website.




Comment: I've used this both at home and in a co-op setting and found it to be both engaging and easy to use. I really like the experiment based approach to science. The only critiques are a lack of textbook type content, we added more reading throughout the year, and kids on the older end of the recommended age may be unsatisfied with the program. We solved the second problem by adding in some lap books.



Comment: I have used this series for my children. I love it, and found that there was good coverage. I have trouble organizing extra subjects for my kids, and this made it easy. The extra reading materials are often available at our library.


Janice Duthie

Comment: Loved this curriculum the only real problem I had with it was the amount of content. No way would the one book last all the way through elementary school. It does give a huge list in each book for supplementary material however if all the material was bought it would cost a fortune.


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