Sequential Spelling by AVKO 4.43/5 (3)


Sequential Spelling is a secular spelling program for grades 2 through adult.  It teaches spelling through word families.  Read more about it at


Comment: First year using this curriculum. I like the learning the family concept of it. So far very pleased with it.


Lisa Gertz

Comment: I really liked that words were grouped together by spelling patterns, and built on the same pattern so the student got repetitive practice in each one. I don't like the method, though, of not letting the child see the words first, for every time they write something incorrectly, it gets more ingrained in their mind that way.


Cheryl powell

Comment: I clicked high for affordability but I really don't know the cost- I got my book 1 from the free table because there was a huge ink spill on the cover. My oldest loved it but she is a natural speller and I think it was like a game for her. My son is using it now as a break from AAS. He struggles but loves recognizing the base and roots and realizing he CAN spell long words!!


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