Shiller Math 4.52/5 (5)


Shiller Math is a Montessori-style math program available for PK-Pre-algebra.  Scripted lessons help the parent know how to teach the concepts.  Find out more about it at


Comment: As unschoolers enjoying the journey, we wanted to be ready with math resources when our first grader decides to learn math. sometimes it is hard not doing anything and having faith in your child. I chose ShillerMath Kit I because it is an open and go kit. Everything we need is in one box. I love the colorful workbooks, the scripts, and especially, the diagnostic tests that allow you to compute exactly what lessons to take next. The manipulatives are well designed to make math concepts clear, and the whole program is influenced by Dr. Maria Montessori's work over a hundred years ago. As we have several children, one of the wonderful features SHillerMath offers is that you have five years of downloadable consumables you can print out for as many children as you need! This makes it really affordable! With two kids, that is $35 each a year! The audio CDs are a hit, we keep them in the car and we all know all the words now! Our children circle back to the math shelf again and again since we bought this!


Mom Gregory

Comment: We love ShillerMath! Well worth the price. So easy to use. You can use it will ALL of your kids without having to buy more books. Kids REALLY "get" math with this...and it actually makes math fun. What a breath of fresh air from all of the other programs we tried and bombed.


Camille Mora

Comment: We use this and my kiddo really enjoys it. He has learned so much and is always engaged. The manipulatives are great and the lessons are short and engaging for his age (5). We do 15-20 minutes a day and it works great. Very easy to use.



Comment: I love how this emphasizes the UNDERSTANDING of math, rather than just the computation of math. It really breaks it down into tiny steps, and it is 100% open and go, I do zero prep. My daughter adores it and retains what she learns. This is one of our favorite curriculums we've found, in any subject!

The only slight negative is it is so simple and straightforward in implementation that if your child doesn't grasp something in the way it's presented you might have to get creative to come up with another way; there aren't tons of extra explanations/practice problems/etc that you can skip when they get it and take what you want, it gives you just what you'll need 99% of the time, but that extra 1% of the time you'll have to look.


Jen t

Comment: I have friends that said this was the answer to their prayers with their wiggly boys! I have looked over the curr. and would very much like to try. it for my 3rd grader!!!


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