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Singapore Primary Mathematics is a secular math program that covers 1st through 6th grade levels.  Conceptual understanding, mental math, and word problems are an important part of the curriculum. Find them on Amazon.

The Singapore Discovering Mathematics/ Dimensions Math is designed for grades 7-11.  It covers pre-algebra, geometry, algebra, as well as some trigonometry and advanced math concepts in an integrated way.  Read more about it at the Singapore website.

Linda Sprague

Comment: We tried several other curricula, but Singapore has worked the best. I have a very advanced younger daughter and a delayed older daughter with logic struggles. The circular style of teaching is working great.


Pam Havens

Comment: We have used this math curriculum for 4 years now and what I can say about this program is that I am extremely impressed with the way my son is able to calculate math problems in his mind. His ability to add three, three digit numbers together without writing them down is by far more than what I can do and his mind I can tell has already surpassed the way I was taught math in school. I am excited too see the end results when he has reached the last level and what he is able to accomplish in his mind. This curriculum has been a wonderful fit for my son.


Barb Spanier


Dori Coffey

Comment: I love that each year is broken down into two parts. I was having a hard time finding a good fit for our needs. With all of the other texts we considered, we would have been waisting money and starting half-way through.
We have been using it for a year and my 1st grader is loving it! New concepts are taught with visual assistance and in digestable amounts; so as not to overwhelm. We are half-way through the school year and we are starting 2A!



Comment: This is a very good math curriculum. I am starting my third child on the kindergarten workbooks and my oldest is in 4b. My kids have all understood and learned well from it. I have added extra drills in basic math skills (times tables etc.)


Viviana McDonald

Comment: We have been using Singapore for 5 years now and we loved it. It has given my kids very strong mental skills and solid ubdestanding of mathsmatical concepts.


Sarah Marie

Comment: I have to admit that I jump back and forth between Singapore and MUS and I LOVE the combo. The two compliment each other very well. Singapore has been excellent for mental math. My third grader has fun solving problems his dad gives him in the car.. Like another reviewer mentioned, I have learned mental math tricks and can also solve problems that I used to have to get out paper to solve. I also love how simple the lessons are to teach. They don't take nearly as much teacher time as Abeka, with better results.



Comment: We used grade levels 3-5 and it was great. A good number of practice problems, good amount of word problems. Teaching wise though, thers isn't any explanation in words. There's some pictures and diagrams that explain the concept but if you as a teacher don't know how to explain it, it could be difficult. At these grade levels though, I had no problem with it.



Comment: Love Singapore math. Started using it for grade 4, but started with 3b. It’s hard, but explains well most all problems. My child has used it pretty independently for 3 years. And she is not really much of a meth person. She likes how it doesn’t give much extra work. We actually laugh, that as soon as she has it figured out, they change it. I am a math person, so I can usually fill in different explanations when she needs it. It does have an extra practice books that we bought for books 5ab Incase we needed them, but only used once.



Comment: We used this for First Grade. My daughter does love math and learns quickly. We breezed through it, and she enjoyed the work. The math was logical, and I feel there was enough meat to each topic for my daughter. If your child struggles with math you may need to supplement, but it worked for us.


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