Switched on Schoolhouse 4.29/5 (3)


Switched on Schoolhouse is a comprehensive Bible-based computer curriculum for grades 3-12. Switched on Schoolhouse covers Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Electives through the computer.

Octavia Pique



Comment: We loved this curriculum. It was thorough on the subject matter and had a lot of different and fun ways to remember information and very interactive with games that involved the learning material and I absolutely LOVE that it self graded...I have 3 kids and not a lot of time on my hands so the self grading feature is a life saver. However, it is very expensive and will not be able to afford to buy it again. We are on a tight budget and I just can't afford it.



Comment: My son absolutely hated this curriculum as well, because its really dry and boring, and a LOT of reading which he struggles with. He would memorize the answers to the questions to pass the tests and then almost immediately forget the information. Its WAY too expensive, so we wasted our money cuz we quit using it.


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