Teaching Textbooks 3.92/5 (11)


Teaching Textbooks is a secular math program designed for homeschoolers.  It covers 3rd grade math through Pre-Calculus.  Teaching is done through interactive CD-ROM lessons.  Find Teaching Textbooks on Amazon.


Comment: By far the best math curriculum!





Comment: Teaching Textbooks has been a great help to our family this year. I love that it allows my child to work more independently.


Jenny B.

Comment: We used TT for several years and it is a great program. In the end, we switched to Math U See (a mastery approach to math) because the spiral approach to math was not working for us.

What I like about TT: easy to use (no teacher prep!), self grading, somewhat entertaining, if a problem is answered incorrectly you can immediately watch the solution and great resale value when you are finished.

What I don't like: Somewhat expensive, you can't easily skip problems


Sheri Payne

Comment: TT was an answer to prayer for us. Anything we have used that required *me* to be the instructor of math resulted in blank stares and meltdowns. TT takes me completely out of the equation.

Love how they give two chances to get problems right, and that it gives a step-by-step, video answer for every single problem. I have my children watch this when they get it wrong so they can see why. They also say students can call and they will walk them through anything live, though we haven't done that.

The program is not perfect however. The way they solve many problems is different than the way I was taught so sometimes I can't be of much help. It is also quite expensive. And as much as we love it we just discovered my youngest has discalculia so we may have to find something different.


Octavia Pique

Comment: I found in the higher grades that I should follow along so I can assist a bit. I needed to know how they taught concepts so I could help a bit. Before Algebra they were 100% independent with TT.


Jen t

Comment: Excellent and easy to use. My 3rd grade loves it, easy to navigate through!



Comment: Was so excited that this program would work for my children. Borrowed a disc from a friend to have a look, but it would not run on Linux.


Amy W

Comment: My oldest non-mathy son used TT Algebra 1. While the program was easy to use, especially for the parent, he did not retain much at all. He didn't really use the textbook, as maybe he should have,and there were very few paper calculations. the scope seemed limited and not at all challenging or deep enough for highschool. That being said, it works for a struggling student to get through an algebra course for a grade. It would be great as a supplement or if there was an accompanying workbook with more work and more challenging problems forcing the student to work them on paper.


Laura Sasser

Comment: Great spiral program. However, while my kiddo had lots of fun with this program she retained absolutely nothing. We had to completely start over with 3rd grade. I love the ease of use and love that my kiddo had fun. However, I have found mastery works best for my kid and she retains more actually writing and reading than when she's on computer. The expense of this program was also a huge problem considering she learned nothing. Sorry to all the TT lovers.


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