Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits 3.65/5 (2)


Timberdoodle combines an eclectic mix of materials to give you everything you need for one grade.  They have kits from preschool all the way through high school.  Hands-on learning, academic excellence, and developing a love of learning are at the heart of Timberdoodle’s choices.  Check out their kits on their website.


Comment: I have two active little boys who both thrive on hands on approaches to learning. I value the wide range of tools and learning toys that Timberdoodle pulls together. I read over the ingredients for full kits for both the grade levels we are at and then selected subsets from their kits. I also read their downloadable curriculum help guide for one level which I found useful. I find their supplies are often my secret 'weapon' for making a subject much more engaging and joyful and I will keep using their resources especially for math and science.



Comment: We used a modified K elite kit. To be fair, my little one has autism so he has delayed handwriting and fine motor control. I had made assumptions about the company and I chose items based on their recommended level instead of what my child was capable of. In hindsight I should have ordered the Pre-K Kit (note: this company only supplies products. It not give you a daily/weekly "what to do" guide). I chose it because of all the hands-on learning, but neglected to realize there are no suggested read aloud book lists (read alouds are not supplied). Also it gets boring fast. There are no "this week we'll check out dinosaurs" or "next week we focus on owls" etc. The science is lacking, but in kindergarten I didn't expect much. Due to my little one's limitations, all the workbooks are now in storage for the day he can read and write, since right now many of them are too difficult for him.
On the plus side, we love all the educational games! Also, customer service is amazing!


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