Truthquest History 3.95/5 (3)


Truthquest History is a literature-based history curriculum for 1st-12th grade.  American history guides are available for grades 1-5.  Eight guides that span from ancient history to modern history are designed for 5th-12th grade.  Read more about it on the Truthquest website.


Comment: This is a different approach to history compared to textbooks. It contains a brief commentary by the author of various historical events and people (given in roughly chronical order), and a huge list of book recommendations for each topic. My kids love this approach, because textbook writing is so dry. The hard part about this though is finding the books because our library first often have the titles listed, but you only really need 1-2 books out of the whole selection, in order to cover the subject matter. The commentaries are from a Christian worldview and that is important to me, as it looks at history and presents how history is shaped by the what each people group believed who God is and how they treated others based on their worldview. There are SO many topics and people you could delve into, but you can skip as much or as little as you want. For planning I search my library online and reserve the books we need and lay out a list of readings and just progress through them day after day.



Comment: These guides are worth it for the book lists alone. If you like to put together your own curriculum then these are a must have. I am always referencing my guides to help in finding just the right book to go with whatever we happen to be studying.



Comment: I really wanted to love this program. I wanted so bad to love this program that I tried in so many ways to make it work before we just needed to set it aside. The idea of this program is great and as another reviewer stated, it is worth it for the book list alone. For us, though, the reading became a bit overwhelming. Also, though I tried to plan out our studies and reserve books from the library, some books were just not suitable for us. The book suggestions have not all been reviewed by the author and are not all well-described in the manual. So lots of parent prep with lesson planning, pacing, and reviewing of reading material.


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