Spell to Write and Read 4.43/5 (1)


Spell to Write and Read is a curriculum designed to teach spelling, reading, and phonics for the first 4 to 6 years of schooling.  It can also be used to remediate poor skills.  Read more about it on Amazon.

Yvonne Ferlita

Comment: We love this program! It is the only program that consistently worked for all my children. Before beginning the program, I had a sixth grader wo spelled at a second grade level. With Spell to Write and Read used with the WISE Guide to Spelling, my son improved three grade levels, and by the time he graduated high school he was spelling at college level. My other children, all natural spellers also benefited from the intensive and systematic approach and were spelling at college level by middle school.

One purchase covers 12 years of spelling instruction. I used in conjunction with The WISE Guide to Spelling by the same autor. The WISE Guide made the program much easier to use.

There is a learning curve in using the program. I read the manual cover to cover, and created my own spelling notebook before I began with my children. Took me about three weeks of self guided instruction before I began. It was a worthy investment of time!

Used for 6 years with multiple children for K-12 grade levels.


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