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Whether you are brand new to homeschooling or have years of experience, selecting curriculum can be a challenge.  It seems like math is one of the areas that many homeschoolers struggle to find a good fit.   If you are wanting to narrow down the huge list of math options to find something that works for your homeschool, try out this math curriculum selector.

Answer questions based on what you want in a math curriculum.  At the end of the questionnaire, different math curricula will be displayed with point values.  The curricula with the highest points are more likely to work well in your homeschool.  If you have a math curriculum that you like, take the quiz and let me know if it chose your curriculum as one of the highest.

The questionnaire is split into 4 areas.  Choose the area that matches your needs the best.

Christian Math Curriculum Grades K-6

Secular Math Curriculum Grades K-6

Christian Math Curriculum Grades 7-12

Secular Math Curriculum Grades 7-12

The questions for these questionnaires were created based on personal knowledge, publisher information, and reviews from families who have used the curriculum.  If you feel something is inaccurate, please feel free to leave a comment.

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