Ambleside Online 3.89/5 (4)


Ambleside Online is a free Charlotte Mason style booklist with a weekly schedule. The books required are purchased separately. You will need to add a math curriculum because Ambleside Online does not cover math.


Comment: We've been using AO for about a year and a half now and love it. My daughter loves the free-reading book list and has very little problem making her way through the books. As for the history, literature, and natural history, I read them aloud to her and often times she'll follow along and we'll alternate reading paragraphs. We've found that this is really the best way for her to retain so that she's able to narrate back to me what was read or make out her notebook pages. Both of my girls just adore the music and artist studies. We're only in Year 2, so I'm excited to see what future years will bring.

Excellent quality literature.
Books are affordable and easy to find (many are available for free in Kindle editions).
Easy to adjust/modify to fit needs of individual child.



Comment: This is a nice curriculum, its quite extensive, I really think it covers everything, but its a LOT of reading and my son is a struggling reader so he absolutely hated this. Best aspect though is that its free!



Comment: Very extensive free online curriculum. Covers a ton. I keep returning to it again and again for inspiration, but in the end, I've had to switch out too many books to really make it work. Some of the literature here is fantastic - but others are outdated, too religious for our household, or contain inappropriate racial references that our mixed-race family find intolerable.


Amy Rohrer

Comment: I wanted this to work for us but it didn't. I ended up switching books around mid-year. I had a hard time being "involved" in her learning without an outline to follow so all she did was read the book and that's it. I need an outline for discussion, activities, etc. I do love AO for a booklist however. Also, some of the choices for literature my D slogged through and begged me to not have to finish she disliked the book so much. We've switched to trying to find literature she enjoys.


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