Bravewriter 2.86/5 (2)


Bravewriter offers writing instruction, online classes, and language arts programs for Kindergarten through high school.  The Writer’s Jungle is written to the parent to help teach the parent how to be a good writing coach and create a good environment for writing.  Read more about Bravewriter programs at the Bravewriter website.



Laura Smith

Comment: BraveWriter is described as a "lifestyle", one which I couldn't quite wrap my mind around. The only straightforward component of this program is the language arts component which is broken into levels: a Pouch of Boomerangs, Quiver of Arrows, Arrow, and Boomerang. The choices of literature are excellent and one or two concepts are taught in the packets that accompany each book. Even this didn't work well for my child. I've read many rave reviews of BraveWriter, and many that mirror my own experience. It seems to me you either love it or hate it.


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