Chess Kids 4.86/5 (1)


Chess Kid is a free kid-friendly curriculum designed to help your children learn how to play chess.  Online play is monitored by the parent.  For more information go to the ChessKid website.

Mary R.

Comment: My kids (6 and 8) enjoy ChessKid and were able to learn the basics of chess in a short time. The explanations of rules, moves, strategies, etc. are clear and effective. They like practicing the concepts they learn by doing the puzzles. Because they are young and very new to the game of chess, they have gotten a bit discouraged when trying to actually play games on ChessKid though, whether against the computer or another opponent, as the play moves quickly, they have trouble following along, and generally lose within a few minutes. For actual games, they have done better playing against my husband face to face, since he slows down and explains as he goes.


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