Hands-On Equations 3.29/5 (1)


A hands-on approach to algebra that is suitable for grades 3-8.  Designed to give your child a strong foundation for algebra.  Available as a kit with manipulatives or as an iPad app.  Read more about it here.

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Comment: It is a great program, but I wish I had purchased the app instead. Dragon Box is another great choice. It was a bit expensive for a supplement. Also, I should have started using it earlier. My children already understood some algebra concepts by the time I started and the presentation of material was a bit confusing at times because of this.

I used it about 3 months with my 3rd and 5th grader.

Pros: Teaches algebra concepts with manipulatives
Hands-on math
Builds in complexity

Cons: Expensive
Kids requested to stop doing it.
Would have been better to use earlier


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