History Odyssey 4.69/5 (5)


History Odyssey is a secular history curriculum for grades 1-12.  It covers ancients, middle ages, early modern, and modern history in three separate levels.  The first level has lots of activities and the guide is written for the parent.  The second and third levels are designed to be used by the student.  Writing assignments are part of the curriculum.  Read more about it on their website.



Katie Swank

Comment: Used Ancients, Level 1 this year, will use Middle Ages next year for sure. Loved it!! Curriculum is laid out nicely, uses A Child's History, Usborne's Ancient History Encyclopeia, and Story of the World and Story of the World as the main texts. Many supplementary books suggested but not required for each week's lesson.


Janice Duthie

Comment: Really liked history odyssey, it's only a lesson plan rather than a complete curriculum, you have to purchase all the books to go along with it, however my daughter loved it.


Kristin Small

Comment: Love it and use it for all our kids, but supplement for extra learning.



Comment: I have used this for the four elementary years. It has a good coverage of history and is balanced in its viewpoints. It does require to have access to other texts. It has fun activities (my kids loved building a castle out of boxes and armor out of old milk jugs). The map work is good.


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