Learning Language Arts through Literature 4.52/5 (3)


Learning Language Arts through Literature is a comprehensive literature based program that includes reading, spelling, writing, and grammar.  It is available for grades 1 through high school.  Read more about it at ChristianBook.com.




Comment: We used Blue Level (1st) and Red (2nd). Both my twin boys struggled to learn to read. We tried all the books I could find and nothing clicked, until this. It's super easy to use, very gentle for the student and most days seems like not enough. But, it is! They have learned so much, remember it and can read with much more confidence than I ever thought I would see in them. A friend has AAR and the overall feel is very similar.



Comment: We tried this for about a year and a half. It's a very easy program, laid out with daily lessons, each taking from 10-45 min ( the writing assignment days take longer, the spelling or grammar days are usually very quick ) . My kids felt it was too easy though, but that could be a good thing-it's a gentle teaching of LA concepts, it doesn't feel difficult or frustrating or repetitive. I liked that the week's lessons were based on a literature excerpt , not random sentences. I wanted my kids to read each of the books , but sometimes they didn't and it made it feel like the excerpts weren't as engaging or relevant when they didn't read the book. It does not cover much for improvement of writing and only a little bit of reading comprehension, but I liked that spelling is based on words in the literature passage picked by the child , not a random list.


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