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Lifepac is a Bible-based workbook curriculum for K-12th grade.  Lifepac focuses on mastery learning.  You can mix and match the different workbooks to meet your child’s skill level.  Read more and see samples of Lifepac Curriculum at

Alpha Omega Lifepac Literature is a Christian curriculum designed for high school.  The American and British literature sets will help the student understand the author and the way life was at the time the author’s works were written. They come with quizzes and tests.  Read more about the American Literature set here and the British Literature set here.

Alpha Omega Lifepac Science is a Christian-based science curriculum that uses workbooks.  Ten workbooks are available for each grade level.  Lifepac Science can be used for grades 1-12.  Read more about it

Alpha Omega Lifepac History and Geography is available for grades 1-12.  It covers American geography, world geography, history, religious history, and government.

Alpha Omega Lifepac Art can be used between grades 7-12.  This introduction to art covers different art styles, figure drawing, design, printmaking, colors, and more.


Comment: This is one of my homeschool staples. I have used this curriculum for two years and will continue to use it next year. I don't always get it for every subject. I have mainly used it for math and language arts. It has worked great for our family and our child. My daughter is very independent and is advanced in reading and retaining information and she really likes this curriculum. It requires very minimal from the teacher so its perfect if you have lots of little ones you have to tend to as well. I do supplement with the math though because I do think there could be a lil more given each day. So on days when it seems like there's not much, I will give her some extra math worksheets that I have. Also, it is very affordable.



Comment: So easy to use, to take anywhere, to grade. My kids like them, like to finish and move on to the next book. Feels like progress!


Laura Sasser

Comment: This is for 2nd and 3rd grade math. We have tried every math program out there just about including Teaching Textbooks. Personally I'm not a huge fan of Lifepacs. But it's not about me but my kid. She has really excelled with Lifepacs. She loves only having to deal with a thin little workbook at a time and there is so much review . She is retaining so much better and even though I don't like Lifepacs or their price I will continue to buy them as they work so well for my kiddo. This is a mastery curriculum. Lots and lots of review!!!!


Dishawna Barnard

Comment: LifePac as a whole seems pretty good. In the high school level they have teachers on-call that you can utilize to explain things to your students. You CAN also submit things for teachers to grade and get a high school diploma in the end.
One thing I did not care for is in the history they started to share some pagan ideas and say that they were Christian symbols. (I.E The all seeing eye on the dollar representing God. )
As a conservative Christian who doesn't teach fiction/mythical concepts. I don't appreciate curriculum who has animal doing things God didn't design them to do. LifePac isn't the only one, but this was one of our other complaints. We used the curriculum for 3 years (Grades 6-8)



Comment: We used Alpha Omega LifePAC for both grades 1 and 2. Our Eldest flew through the 1st grade program in about 4 months. It seemed really watered down and childish, the work was redundant, and we found that she was pretty much just getting through the workbooks, taking the test, and then completely ditching everything she "learned" as she moved on. We dipped our toes into a couple other programs before trying grade 2. While it was a bit better (no more busy work!), it still did not fit. She wasn't retaining anything past the test. Our youngest is completely different in personality and the way she learns and processes, so we do plan on at least trying to see if they'll be a fit for her. It really is an economical program when you've only got to buy the consumable workbooks for younger children.


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