My Father’s World 4.41/5 (8)


My Father’s World is a unit study based curriculum for preschool through high school.  This Bible-based curriculum combines elements of classical education with Charlotte Mason.  Read more about it on their website.

Brittany Gingerich



Comment: This was one of our favorite school years. My children were 1st, 3rd, and 5th at the time. Even my 1st grader could name many of the countries of the world by the time we were done. I loved the way that everything tied together and that it was super simple to follow the lesson plans.


Kelley Watson

Comment: We have used My Father's World for Kindergarten and LOVED it! Loves the, what I now know, Charlotte Mason approach to learning. Which is learning thru exploration, application, and living books instead of boring textbooks. Very hands on and only the necessary worksheets. Normally only o e per day. My only complaint is that I didn't feel that the math portion was enough so I just added a cheap workbook that we did one page a day. MFW truly instilled a Love of Learning in my child. Looking forward to starting MFW1st in the fall.


Cheryl Powell

Comment: We have used MFW for 5 years now: Adventures/1st, ECC/K, CTG/1st, RTR/1st, and now Exp to 1850/K. I love the flexibility but solid structure! I love how the Bible is the foundation of the history cycle. I love the blend of classical, Charlotte Mason, and unit studies. I love love love how the little extras are scheduled in for me- otherwise things like composer studies would not get done at our house!! And last but not least- I LOVE the weekly grid!!


Lisa Gertz

Comment: My Father's World was an amazing coordinated curriculum that enabled me to teach multiple children at the same time, and tied together literature, Bible, history and geography. We used it for 4 years, and grew so much from it. We especially loved learning about the countries of the world!



Comment: We did MFW's Exploring Countries and Cultures and it covered a good representation of countries, and spent about 2 weeks on each. It was easy to use, with daily plan for what to read and what to do, some hands-on projects to go with science lessons (maybe 1-2 a week). I really liked it, however, my son was not really interested in the science(ecosystems), so we dropped that part of it. I also found I personally, do not do well with a daily plan laid out, because I work out of the home 2 days out of the week, so we had to squeeze into other days, but I'm sure other people who have every day to work on it would be fine.


Jen t

Comment: Loved MFW!



Comment: We have only used MFW Adventures in US History (2-3rd grade level) and Kindergarten. K seems very disorganized, repetitive, and fragmented. My child did not like that every week was the same student sheets over and over, and the sequence of letters was not logical. Adventures in US History was much better; all 3 of my kids loved the history portion of this curriculum and looked forward to the read aloud time as well. It was very lacking in Bible and Science substance; while the topics were good, I had to prepare a great deal of additional material to add to the lessons provided. We also supplemented our own art to correspond with the Bible, Science or History we were studying each week rather than trudging through the provided art program. I think both Kindergarten and Adventures are good but simply did not meet our expectations as a multi-subject program ready to use out of the box.


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