RightStart Math 4.4/5 (5)


RightStart is a secular math program that teaches your child math using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods.   Levels A-E cover Kindergarten through 4th grade.  Find RightStart Math on Amazon.


Comment: We LOVE Right Start Math. I find it very open-and-go and easy to teach. The lessons are scripted, which I thought I may not like, but it's very natural to use. I love that manipulatives are used extensively to teach mathematical reasoning, and that practice is through math card games rather than worksheet after worksheet. It really teaches the understanding and "why" behind math to give the child a strong foundation. True, this is not a program that you can hand to your child and walk away, but there is virtually no prep time, and I believe that young children learn best through one-on-one interaction, anyway. I have used this with two children, one completed levels B-D so far, then other only level B (both second edition). Although it is expensive upfront to buy the manipulatives kit, these are used extensively throughout the program and can be used with additional children or sold used when you are done. This program is great for both "mathy" kids and kids who struggle. LOVE it!





Comment: Yes, this is teacher top heavy and requires one's full attention. But I enjoy math, I like learning these new insightful ways of grasping these concepts that I was never taught in government schools. They also offer free webinars to watch and learn more and DVD comes with the game book so you can see how they are played which I found helpful. The pace is beautiful with a daily lesson that fits well for us, just right for my son who is pretty good at grasping math concepts. He is never burned out after one of these lessons. I really like that there is not repetitive practice work which just kills the joy out of learning. There is good depth on geometry too which is often lacking in more standard style curriculum...for instance, "let's explore geometric patterns in a nature and calculate them". Lastly, the games are great! I am not fond of games, but I look forward to these myself and of course my son does too because it offers challenge and competition.



Comment: I bought level A and began to work through it. I did not finish the level. The lessons are scripted. The topics jump around and you need a lot of manipulatives each day to show the concept. Those are the reasons I did not stick with it. I like that there are few worksheets. I love the abacus as it does a great job showing the math. I have kept the game book and cards and use that with our other programs. It is well done, just was too much jumping around for me. And expensive to use.


S. Makan

Comment: I have a love hate relationship with this program. I did rate it 5 stars though under the - did this work for your child section. My son seems to really be grasping the concepts taught but I, as his teacher, find it quite taxing to teach and to find the time necessary to teach it. The concepts used for teaching math are new to me and that isn't the bad, I just wished it were more teacher friendly but that's coming from someone whom is mathematically challenged. Most lessons have run an easy 40-45mins. If they run longer I cut them in half and continue it the next day. For the reasons mentioned, I will be venturing out and trying another curriculum next school year. Currently using Level B, second Ed.


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