Soaring with Spelling 4.25/5 (4)


Soaring with Spelling is a workbook curriculum for grades 1-8.  It features a pretest on the first day and a test on the 5th day.   Exercises in the workbook help your child learn the spelling words.  Read more about it and see samples at the Soaring with Spelling website.

Jd Grass

<b>Comment: </b>Souring with Spelling has worked very well for my kids. They enjoy the puzzles and games it has. I like that they also learn the meaning of each spelling word and how to use them in a sentence instead of just how to spell it. I really like that it doesn't cost a fortune!


Rachel Adams

<b>Comment: </b>My son has some challenges in this subject and this curriculum has helped him so much more then I thought it would.



<b>Comment: </b>Open and go great lists kids enjoyed and asked to do it over the summer


Deb Houssin

<b>Comment: </b>I have really tried to like this company's products, but I just find them to be redundant, childish, and not at all grade level appropriate like the website claims they are. The spelling program is all over the place as far as word difficult/easiness at all of the levels we've tried (I've purchased 5 different levels for my children.) Extremely disappointing.


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