Trail Guide to Geography 4.9/5 (3)


Trail Guide to Bible Geography is a curriculum that will help your children learn the geography of Bible lands through maps, geography drills, and activities.  It is suitable for grades 2 and up.  To read more about it on Amazon.

The Trail Guide to World Geography offers three levels of difficulty so it can be used starting in 2nd grade and is also suitable for high school.  It uses mapping, notebooking and activities to teach your child about world geography.  Read more about it on Amazon.

The Trail Guide to US Geography will teach your child facts and features for all 50 states. It can be used for multiple levels from 3rd grade through 12th grade. Read more about it on Amazon.

Katie Swank

Comment: Fantastic. Used World Geography with a 3rd grader. LOVE the format, which focuses on mapping and atlas skills primarily. Geography is a favorite at our house!



Comment: This was great for my kids and it worked as a whole. If you have multiple children in different grades it works wonderfully.



Comment: This is a great resource and it can be used for all ages. I tried this with my high school student and he enjoyed the atlas drills however we didn't use the other activities that are included. It has plenty to choose from and keep your student busy.


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