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The Weaver Curriculum is a unit-based curriculum that is centered around the Bible.  This activity based curriculum covers Bible, Social Studies, Science, Geography and History, Language Arts, Health, and Art.  Go to Christianbook.com to read more and see samples.

Success in Spelling is a Christian-based curriculum that can be used starting in 2nd grade.  It has weekly lists based on spelling rules.  Activities during the week include games and written tasks.

Penmanship to Praise is a Christian-based handwriting curriculum from Weaver.  It is designed to help your child move toward an attitude of praise by writing Scripture. Levels are available from PK through 6th grade.  It is taught using the traditional style.

Cheryl Powell

Comment: We did Weaver Vol 1 for the 2010-2011 school year when they were in 2nd and K. I was due with baby #4 that fall so I spent some time in the summer preparing the school year. I got crates and folders with page protectors. I pulled apart the Weaver binders to only get the info and grades I needed. I copied and prepared materials for crafts and science projects. I noted which of their recommended books were available at my library, not very many. I collected books we already had and noted with pages would fit when. I prepared my English lessons based on their Wisdom Grammar program (can't remember the name exactly). Math, hymns to fit with each unit, field trips, etc. It took hours, days, WEEKS!!
It started off great but somewhere around Abram going to Egypt because of a famine it stalled. The Bible lesson wasn't progressing, We started condensing and skimming through which was amusing to me because many Weaver moms say it takes them about 18 months to do each Volume. We bailed in March.


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