Amanda Bennett’s Unit Studies 4.77/5 (5)


Amanda Bennett’s Unit Studies come in a variety of topics such as trains, space, pioneers, oceans, photography, baseball, or American Government.  Read more about them at Amanda Bennett’s website.

Rhonda P

Comment: Horses, Oceans, Elections, Birthday, Photography, Sailing Ships, American Government; Used in 5th & 6th grades

Amanda Bennett\'s unit studies were an easy transition for us from public school to homeschool. I did not like textbooks and was interested in unit studies, but didn\'t want to spend a full semester/year on one subject like the others unit studies I researched suggested. These unit studies were only 4 weeks long and she made it easy by including assignments for the upper and lower levels from day1 week 1 all the way through day 5 week 4.

I must also add that we were at Myrtle Beach while working on the Ocean unit study and it didn\'t feel like school!

These unit studies are well organized, user friendly, and can be used for all grades and ability levels. They also include a long list of book ideas for each study as well as wonderful ideas for family projects. You have to make sure you choose a subject that your child(ren) is interested in because sailing ships


Stacey Hoffman

Comment: Amanda Bennett unit studies are excellent. I pick one to match every major subject we are studying, sometimes several. Recently, this year, we have completed horses ( after a field trip camping at Assateague island), the brain, Germany, China, Amelia Earhart and Cartooning. I think the value is great. Be prepared to print out a hundred pages or so for most unit studies. I usually set my printer to gray scale so I won't be spending an arm and a leg on colored ink.


Cheryl Powell

Comment: We have used several of Amanda Bennett's Studies and they are awesome! I love all the links and the lapbook. We do not use it as our sole curriculum but for delight directed breaks or just to change things up!



Comment: Each year we have chosen 4 Unit studies to accompany our normal curriculum. It has been Amanda Bennett Unit Studies almost always. She has a way of adding ideas and insights that I have not gotten from other unit studies. I highly recommend TRAINS! It has kept my children's attention when the week has been long and we need a break. We turn to a unit study and the last one was, "all-aboard", enjoyable!


Octavia Pique


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