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Tapestry of Grace is a classical Christian history-based guided unit study approach for Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Read more about it at the Tapestry of Grace website.

Sheri Payne

Comment: Used K-12 for a total of seven years so far.

Covers the humanities very, very well, using real living books and bringing it together weekly in a Socratic discussion. Covers history chronologically, which helps students see how history in different part of the world affect each other. Also covers literature, geography, timeline, art, music, church history, worldview, government, and philosophy. Has lots of different ways to choose to cover the subjects, which makes it very flexible for all learning styles.

Does take a little while to figure out how to use, and how to plan your week, but it is so worth it.



Comment: I have used it with kindergarten through 8th grade so far, which means I've taught students at the Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, and Dialectic levels.

You can do as much or as little with this as you want. The biggest pro for this is that all my kids are learning the same time period at appropriate age levels. At the Lower Grammar level, we essentially do projects and read alouds (both fiction and non-fiction). For my soon-to-be high schooler, we will be covering history, literature, writing, worldview, and possibly government. There are also arts options for each learning level.

I have also found ways to maximize my budget by using my local library for some of the resources rather than having to purchase everything. At the grammar levels, it is quite easy to substitute books of a similar subject if your library doesn't have the exact title, too.

It is initially teacher-intensive as you figure out how to make the "buffet" of options work for your family...but it is worth i


Jenny B.

Comment: We used TOG for a couple of years. It is very thorough! Download samples from their website to see all that it covers. What I love: great books! What I don't love: expensive and very time consuming to prepare. In the end, I preferred something less intensive (Mystery of History or Heart of Dakota). History is only one subject and I found with TOG I spend a disproportionate amount of time planning it. But, having said that, it really is a fabulous curriculum.


Brittany Gingerich


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