AVKO’s Individualized Spelling 4.71/5 (1)


AVKO’s Individualized Spelling covers over 5000 of the most important words to learn to spell.  They are organized in the order of difficulty.  Each word corresponds to a pattern of English spelling and can be looked up in AVKO’s huge e-book Patterns of English Spelling to find more words with the same pattern to help your child learn missed patterns.  Read more about it on AVKO’s website.

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Comment: After using many spelling programs, this one is the first one that works for my son. He tended to keep misspelling words from other programs. This curriculum has shown a big improvement in his spelling skills that carries over to his everyday writing.

Used it for about a year for my 4th grader.

Spelling words are arranged in order of difficulty. It is inexpensive and best of all - it works!

Sentences for the words are designed for adult learners, but nothing is inappropriate for kids. I have to keep track of missed words on a separate sheet of paper.


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