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Horizons is a colorful workbook curriculum that also has hands-on activities.  Horizons uses a spiral learning method.  The areas of focus include penmanship, health, math, phonics and reading, PE, spelling and vocabulary.  Go to Christianbook.com to read more and see samples.

Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary is designed for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade.  It goes along with the Horizons Phonics and Reading curriculum.  Weekly word lists and dictionary skills help build spelling and vocabulary.

Horizons Penmanship is a Christian-based handwriting curriculum for Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Horizon Math extends from Kindergarten to 6th grade and comes with a teacher’s handbook and two workbooks for each grade.

  • Horizon 3rd Grade Math covers geometry, square roots, rounding, graphing, and more.
  • Horizon 4th Grade Math covers reading roman numerals, converting measurements, finding place values to the billions, and solving story problems.
  • Horizon 5th Grade Math covers averaging, percents, problem solving, and more.
  • Horizon 6th Grade Math includes things like percents, geometry, personal finance, and more.

Comment: Horizon Penmanship. This is our second year using the curriculum. I like the ease of use. My kids can do the pages without much help from me. For my second grader, having the trace and write has really helped her shape the letters correctly. The only thing I did not like is that the Fifth grade paragraph copy pages are long. My son struggles with this part of the book, but enjoys the rest.


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Comment: Horizons Math. I didn't purchase the teacher's manual and I regret it now. My son may have enjoyed it more if I had. I quit using this curriculum part way through my son's Kindergarten year because he hated it. I changed to a curriculum that fit his learning style better. He is a global learner and needs to see the why so Mathematical Reasoning by the Critical Thinking Company fit him better.


Christina Rozendaal

Comment: This is a great program if your child is engaged and doesn't mind busy work. The topics were well covered and manageable and my kids were above average level. We used it until grade 4 when I switched because one of my children wasn't doing well with the number of problems. If I could have affored to invest in two curriculums then I would have definitely kept going with this.



Comment: I love how easy Horizon's is to use! We are using the Kindergarten level and it is easy for me as the teacher to use and for my son to understand. The layout of the teacher's book and the student workbook is very easy to read and follow.


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