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Konos Curriculum is a three volume character trait unit study for K-8th grade.  Each volume takes 2-3 years to complete.  The curriculum covers character traits such as cooperation, honesty, courage, wisdom, and patience.  Read more about the curriculum at the Konos website.


Comment: We use this periodically for a change of pace. I love the hands-on ideas and the use of living books. But it does require quite a bit of planning to gather supplies and books and laying out when to do what. It comes with a planned out weekly plan, with suggestions on what to do for each day, but we don't follow it because of our own time constraints or inability to get the books listed. There are SO many ideas to choose from (you aren't supposed to do ALL of them, they are just ideas) that it may be overwhelming, but we choose the ones I feel I can handle and the kids have a lot of fun with the various projects. I like how it covers so many subjects (writing, reading, math, history, science, gym, reasoning, etc. Obviously some topics are more geared to some subjects, there's not much math in the history topics, and there's a lot of science and math in the sciency-topics) within the topics. The only thing you would need to add to it is grammar, and math (for sequential learning/new concepts).


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