Miquon Math 3.95/5 (3)


Miquon uses a hands-on approach to math using Cuisenaire Rods.  It is designed for 1st-3rd graders.  Read more about it at the Miquon Math website.


Comment: This is my favorite math curriculum, maybe not so much my kids favorite, but I think it teaches math better then any I have tried. It teaches it in a way that encourages better understanding of how math works rather then just fact memorization. It is definately harder to use then a lot of math curriculums but I think that its worth it. My kids have a good understanding of math and I think this curriculum is why.


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Comment: Miquon Orange.

Pros: I like how they teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division together.

Cons: I had a hard time figuring out what to do on some pages. I bought the manual, but this program just didn't click with us.



Comment: I love the price, very affordable. We use our cuisenaire rods all the time! We use the workbooks mainly for extra seat work, and not as our main math textbook. Mostly because it requires more math skills, and confidence, than I have as a teacher. 🙂 So I need something that does most of the explaining for me.


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