A Reason for Handwriting 4.46/5 (4)


A Reason for Handwriting is a Christian-based handwriting curriculum designed for Kindergarten through sixth grade.  Read more about it at ChristianBook.com.

Pam Havens

Comment: My son has excelled using this handwriting program. He has almost finished all the levels from Kindergarten thru Cursive D, currently working on Cursive E. His penmanship is remarkable and even others has noticed how well he can write for a 3rd grade boy. We are learning at being precise, slowing down to formulate each letter, slanting our words, proper writing position, how each letter connects with the next letter and understanding the flow of sentences in cursive. The books are colorful, which is very appealing and my son even noticed the cartoon kids used have grown since he first started using this in kindergarten. Our family members & community have benefitted greatly by receiving the scriptures in the mail and it is another way for my son to receive some positive feedback about his schoolwork. This curriculum has been an excellent choice for us and we are now using it for our next child as well. It is not too rigorous and intense and my kids look forward to coloring the pictures and writing.


Mom Gregory

Comment: Used this with all 5 of my children and LOVE it! Easy to use, bite-sized lessons. Weekly decorated scripture sheets for sharing with others. What a great idea!



Comment: This is the handwriting curriculum we currently use. It has a very nice script and is easy to follow.



Comment: We used this curriculum for K and tried it for 1st. We did complete the K level, and hardly did any of the 1st grade level. I think my main criticism is that the curriculum is boring and overly repetitive. We didn't enjoy that the lessons consisted of writing lines and lines (pages) of each new letter. Other than writing pages of each letter (a-z), there didn't seem to be any real progression in content, at the level we did.


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